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Latest Durham reviews & Special Offers

67 Days Ago

Rent A Ramp

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/10/2014

72 Days Ago

Durham Taxis

Booked a taxi with Durham Taxis for a trip to the airport. Taxi arrived 5 minutes early, the driver helped load my luggage in to the car and again helped unload at the airport also getting me a luggage trolly. The price was the best in Durham, driver was very friendly, chatty and smartly dressed. Will be using for all future airport and other journeys.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

76 Days Ago

Really Good Catering

Special Offer

Valid until: 09/02/2015

82 Days Ago

Trusted Car Buyers Durham

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2014

104 Days Ago

Dublcheck Cleaning Services

Special Offer

Valid until: 05/05/2014

107 Days Ago

ML Windscreens

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

118 Days Ago


A very expensive mistake, one that I will never forget.. The work was unreasonably stretched and a relatively small became much bigger than it really was. I guess the only redeeming feature was their quick attendance, presumably they couldn't wait to fleece me... BEST TO GET A LOCAL HONEST PLUMBER...

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

227 Days Ago

Evenmore Properties

Evenmore properties hate students. They charge students for unreasonable things, they don't provide anything in the way of customer service, the only time you see an agent is when they come round to inspect your house and subsequently tell you off for it. They refused to replace anything that was broken, and if they ever did, they charged us. They were generally unfriendly, unhelpful, and took our money. We, as a group, strongly dislike this company. If anyone wants to sign with them, please get a good lawyer if you ever want to see your deposit again. You can be the cleanest person in the world, you can (like us) spend a whole week scrubbing the house, a whole day with a toothbrush getting in the gaps in the showers, you can clean the cooker until it sparkles, the floor can be clean enough to eat off, but they will still charge you for cleaning. We were charged for a "burn mark" on the mirror, when the person living in that room doesn't own straighteners, and on closer inspection, the mark was actually just a knot in the wood. Basically, they were the most inconsiderate, unpleasant group of individuals I have ever come across. Avoid.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

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